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Indian School Awards 2019 where all the schools and Educational Institutions of India will get recognition for their amendable contribution in Education sector.

Why Indian School Awards?

We understand the hard work that goes into cultivating young minds. We hold education at the epicenter of growth and believe that it has a monumental task of enabling a better future. Schools facilitate the growth of civilization and there are many things that can help them in their journey to build the life and career of their students.

Keynotes Sessions

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning is the need of the present time. It enables children to understand and manage emotions, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. The Keynote will cover all the five aspects of SEL- Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible decision making.

A shift from STEM to STEAM

Everyone is aware of STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics! But we have a new concept emerging. Wondering what A in STEAM mean? “A” here stands for ART- which acts as a tool for accessing STEM education. If we notice, engineering and mathematics have nothing to do with creativity or innovation; however, it is how STEM education has been for years. Let’s all explore the further meanings of this letter ‘A’.

Emerging Technologies

There is no denying that a fast pace of technological development has altered the way we live and interact with one another. And this is just the beginning as the scope of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence is widespread. Schools can take the help of AI tools to provide their students with personalized learning. These tools can enable anytime, anywhere learning by the use of apps, etc. It can create a seamless and customized educational experience for the children. Automation can help schools ineffective administration and management.

Sustainable development

To grow steadily, we must be able to sustain the pace of growth. Sustainable development is an urgent need in today’s world where climate change is already impacting lives. There needs to be stress on maintaining peace, justice, and strong institutions in order to achieve this task. Good health and well-being of the population is also an indicator of sustainable development.

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A web-based trendy platform for kids to have access to a large range of subjects providing distance education to an unlimited no. of students. Best institutes have collaborated with this type of learning benefitting a child far away from their place of stay.

Elearning and MOOC’s gained its momentum in late 2012 consisting of interactive sessions and video lectures, along with the course materials.

September 2019

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