Mitul DikshitPhotographer, Cultural Activist and an Educationist

Speaker – Indian School Awards

He lives in Chandigarh-India, where he heads Dikshant, a chain of schools. He is also the producer and festival director of Chandigarh Literature and Film Festival which is a rare festival that looks in-depth at both cinema and literature through the prism of extraordinary individual works. Also a President of International Space Society, he has been promoting Space Science in India.

Mitul’s love for adventure and travel is brought to life through his photography. An avid traveller, Mitul has travelled all the seven continents including Antarctica, on which his coffee table book named ‘Antarctica-Gods Own Canvas’, which is being published by Roli Publishers and should be out by the end of this year. Mitul’s diverse education, varied work and wide range of skills have opened doors to places.

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